Welcome to Lilly Family Dentistry

Dr. Pam and Dr. Meagan welcome you to their dental practice.

Lilly Family Dentistry About Us

Dr. Meagan hiking the High Line Trail with her husband, Tyler.

Our philosophy recognizes that the teeth, gums and jawbones are part of the whole body and can affect total body heath. We strive to be your oral health physicians and combine sound dental science and technical expertise for your total well-being.

We stress the use of safe, bio-compatible dental materials and offer the use of reactivity testing to determine if each of our dental materials are suitable for your body and total well being. Minimally invasive treatments are used whenever possible and we gladly work with your other health care practitioners to assist you in returning to optimal oral and overall health.

Lilly Family Dentistry utilizes the latest in dental equipment and technology in order to provide you with healthy treatment options and services.

We look forward to being your partners in total health. For appointment information, please contact us today.