Cosmetic Dentistry

Lilly Family Dentistry Cosmetic

Enjoy a natural, healthy smile.

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. When a person feels and looks good, they have a strong self image. People who feel good about themselves interact positively with family friends and business contacts. A beautiful, confident smile plays a significant role in your self image.

At Lilly Family Dentistry your cosmetic options may include: veneers, teeth-whitening or snap-on-smile.


Veneers are a cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth. A veneer is a thin layer of restorative material, usually porcelain, placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface.


Sapphire Professional Whitening allows you to achieve dramatic results quickly. When used with the Sapphire Supreme Light1, the system is proven to whiten smiles up to 7 shades in only 30 minutes. The in office treatment includes a take home whitening system (custom fitting whitening trays provided).