General and Family Dentistry

At Lilly Family Dentistry we focus on your entire well being, not just your teeth and are a mercury free practice. We offer general dentistry services to all age groups.

Lilly Family Dentistry

Let our family care for yours!

Comprehensive New Patient Exam

We spend time listening to you and exploring dental and medical history as well as your current symptomology and your overall health/wellness profile. In addition, we do a thorough clinical dental exam, digital x-rays with Logicon caries (decay) detection and oral cancer screening.

After careful study and evaluation, we consult with you so you have a complete understanding of your dental condition and circumstances. We want to give you the most accurate information possible, so you can make decisions most appropriate for you.

As part of your exam, we will offer treatment choices, develop a master plan, and discuss time and financial concerns.

Teeth Cleaning and Non Surgical Gum Cleaning

Gum disease is a disease of bacteria. Although, we all naturally have bacteria in our mouths, gum disease will advance when the number and types of bacteria are allowed to increase, usually due to improper cleaning. As the gum attachment to the tooth is destroyed, the pocket deepens, making the removal even more difficult. Less oxygen in the deeper pockets, allows even more destructive anaerobic (without oxygen) forms of bacteria to begin growing. The deeper the pocket, the faster and more destructive the process and the more difficult it is for the patient to physically be able to clean on a daily basis.

Since destructive bacteria are the cause, that is our focus. We use ultrasonic instrumentation, ozone water disinfection, specialized waterpiks with anti-bacterial solutions to gently irrigate down into the pockets to kill the bacteria. We use ozone to disinfect the teeth and gums because the of the powerful antibacterial properties of oxygen. With this periodic, conservative (but aggressive) therapy and good patient home maintenance, the disease can be controlled reducing pain and expense.

Lilly Family Dentistry Kid Care

Kid Care Rocks!

Kid Care

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of your family. As a family centric office, we believe in raising cavity free kids! We do this with sealants, Xylitol products and probiotics.

Composite fillings

Dentists are now able to restore decayed teeth with metal free, mercury free, strongly bonded, wear-resistant plastic fillings. There are many advantages to preventive resin restorations:

  • Natural tooth-color of the material assures a normal appearance.
  • Only decayed tooth tissue is removed, saving more of the healthy tooth structure.
  • They are bonded to the natural tooth, strengthening the union of the tooth and the restoration, thus guarding against microscopic leakage at the edges.
  • They can be easily repaired by the simple addition of resin.

Crown and Bridge Treatment

A crown is placed over an individual tooth, (somewhat like a thimble over your finger) where there is no longer sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling.

A bridge spans a space where one or more teeth have been lost in the dental arch. The teeth on either end of the span are crowned, and are referred to as abutments. The false teeth in a bridge that join the abutments are referred to as pontics.

Crowns and bridges are most often made from superior materials such as precious metals (gold), semi-precious metals, porcelain, or a combination of metal fused to porcelain. Both esthetics (appearance) and function are considered when selecting the material most suitable for you.

Dental Materials Reactivity Testing

The Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) is a laboratory screening process used to help identify existing sensitivity problems to various chemical groups and families of compounds in an individual patient. Note: We have worked with this test for many years, the materials that we have available at Lilly Family Dentistry satisfy the compatibility needs of over 95% of our general client population. However, those with extreme health challenges, environmental sensitivities, or immune system challenged profiles are encouraged to consider this option.